Tayo Design & Architecture

TAYO is a young design and architecture firm founded by a couple  based in Metro Manila, Philippines.  They asked us to create a unique brand name and look for their brand that will reflect their sensibilities and aesthetic.
We came up with the name “TAYO,” a word with several meanings in Tagalog depending on how the word is pronounced. First, “tayô” means to stand, to build, or to rise.  The second meaning, “tayo” means “we” or “us,” a word used to include people in the conversation or the experience.
TAYO’s visual identity is inspired by architectural and design blueprints and plans. We styled the logo to be reminiscent of the fine lines that you would find in blueprints. We also repurposed common architectural hatches to be the brand’s main patterns and key visual.
Being heavily influenced by Filipino design, the couple  wanted to represent it in their visual identity. We chose an earthy color palette for the brand to represent their individual styles, as well as their interpretation of Filipino architectural design.


Brand Development & Ideation
Logo & Visual Identity System
Brand Book & Guidelines
Business Collateral

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