Mega Tuna

Mega Global Corporation, the Philippines market leader for sardines, has launched a tuna line in the recent years. They approached us to redesign their label with the following objectives:
  • To create a label that had a different look and feel from the sardine line while adhering to the MEGA brand.
  • To create a label that will be effective on shelves – better brand visibility as well as range navigation.

The Groundwork

We conducted research in local popular grocery chains. Upon doing some tests, studying internal focus group results, and comparing their label to their competitors, we pinpointed the strong points of the current label, as well as the way to move forward in the redesign.

Our Findings

Mega, a young brand in the canned tuna segment, was already fighting for shelf space. We noticed that their competitors would use a single brand color regardless of the variant, creating a wall of color on shelf. Mega was using a 2 color label that created a horizontal stripe pattern on shelf which did not help with the brand’s visibility. 

Mega’s use of different colors for each SKU helped making the range easier to navigate – we ended up used the same colors in the redesign to link the new labels with the old ones. 

The Result

We decided to keep the logo close to the current one. We restyled the ship, making it and creating a logo that would be more consistently used across all variants. We decided that the variants should use a single color instead of the two color scheme that the brand was currently using. We kept some of the elements from the old design (such as the 100% Pure Tuna seal) as it resonated well with the consumers in the focus group.


Design Strategy
Art Direction
Packaging Design

Together with

Lunar Studios : Photography

Video Production

Toycommunications Advertising Co. : Agency
Arcade Film Factory : Production
ER Alviz : Director