Mazu Seaside Diner

The Goddess of the Sea

The eponymous Mazu (媽祖) is a water-dwelling goddess who roams the seas to protect sailors, seafarers, and fishermen from harm.
She is also regarded to with many other titles, such as “Princess of Heaven,” “Patron of Seafarers,” and “Holy Heavenly Mother.”
It was customary for Chinese fishing villages to offer a tribute to Mazu after returning from a day at sea with a bountiful catch.
Mazu, the restaurant, pays homage to that by turning freshly caught seafood into delicious, steaming hot dishes.

The Lantern

It’s worth noting that in her legend, Mazu would hold up a lantern to act as a beacon that guides sailors and fishermen to shore. Her lantern is a fitting icon to symbolize the return of fishermen to shore; a symbol of a safe arrival home and a generous catch at sea.


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