Originally a re-branding project for an existing Better-For-You (BFY) snack from Fourtify, Inc., Cravewell became its own brand as a result of insight-driven creative strategy. It deviates from the usual seriously healthy messaging of other products in its category — challenging the market perception of cravings and making giving in naturally guilt-free with Cravewell.
Silver Prize : ASEAN-Korea Excellent Design Exhibition Award 2020

Junk & Fun vs. BFY & Serious

We started with a broad study of the category. Covering a number of well-loved junk and BFY snack brands in the competitive audit, it was apparent that junk foods are all about fun, while BFY is generally serious.
The BFY brands we looked at really owned their strong messages of healthiness, which worked on their particular market base but made it difficult to attract (and perhaps even intimidate) those on the other end of the snacking spectrum.
So we asked ourselves: how can we make BFY snacks be as fun as junk food?

Cravings are neutral

The other key to the strategy is understanding why people snack. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are cued by the clock, but snacks, on the other hand, are prompted by seemingly random urges — a.k.a. cravings. Most people consider cravings a problem, something that keeps them from getting healthier.
Despite the perception, however, cravings are intrinsically neutral. Whether they’re functional or emotional, what makes them “good” or “bad” lies in what people eat to satisfy them. If they choose.
So our next question was: how can we change the perception on cravings?
The brand name combines “cravings” with “wellness” — two ideas that people don’t put together on their own — to promise and to claim that cravings can be satisfied better, so it’s okay to give in.

High Five to your Cravings!

The high five is an affirmative gesture. Between friends who are each other’s personal cheerleader, a high five is a toast to a win, a salute to the other who’s doing well, or perhaps even an assurance of constant companionship.
Cravewell is that personal cheerleader, too — for anyone and everyone who’s trying to make better snack choices. For people who feel strong cravings coming on while they’re on their journey to wellness, for those going through a slump and just want to eat their feelings, or even for those who just want to have a little fun and indulge, Cravewell’s there.

Packaging Cravings & Fun

Cravewell combines the fun of junk food and the seriousness of BFY in its packaging. Bold, confident colors, cute fonts and bright accents keep things light, while actual images of veggies and fruits assert and emphasize the realness of the product.
With 10 initial product variants and plenty more in the pipeline, the approach to packaging had to be as systematic as it was creative. Guided by a clear product hierarchy as the framework, the resulting design can be easily adapted to give each variant its own character while maintaining the brand’s cohesive look. The goal is for people to know at first glance that it’s Cravewell, and then get excited by what’s inside.

Cravewell Lifestyle

Just as cravings are natural, Cravewell can become naturally part of people’s lifestyles, too. By identifying the occasions when people crave for a snack — after a workout, during a movie marathon, in the middle of work or studying — and owning them through brand association, Cravewell carves out its place in the market’s consciousness.
Beyond just providing products that satisfy cravings better, Cravewell also aims to bring another form of nourishment for modern living through little messages of encouragement and affirmation in its digital content. Like a personal cheerleader, the brand aims to be a force of good in people’s daily lives.


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