Circles.Life : The 100GB Plan

Circles.Life is a new and fast-growing telco in Singapore, disrupting the traditional telco industry with the best possible data plans. Their bold visuals, catchy copy, and edgy campaigns are sure to get your attention right away.
Expanding their business in Australia, they wanted consumers to ‘break up’ with their current providers, and switch to their data plans  — calling it the Telco Break Up Season.
A few weeks before our project started. Circles.Life Australia created a viral ad campaign by posting a breakup letter in a newspaper ad, which they later on revealed to be a break up letter for Charlotte’s current telco.


We were tasked to create a key visual for their “Telco Break Up Season” Campaign. The campaign invited users of the other telcos to write their own break up letters and switch to Circles.Life’s The 100GB (Goodbyes) Plan.

Breakups are rough

Breaking up is a difficult and excruciating personal experience. It is a rush of different emotions — sadness, anger, regret, frustration, disappointment. All pouring out in one single moment, one single letter. 
That uncontrollable rush disregards all forms of pleasantries. You can see the gravity of emotions and bad experience by just looking at the letter. The idea is to show how disappointed (or angry) the user is with its current telco provider. Yes, these frustrations can be written down and listed, but the impact can be amplified visually.
Torn papers or bills, erasures, highlights, all capital handwritten letters can show the rush of emotions. Triggering these intense emotions can cause other people to stand up and voice out their pent up frustrations as well.
As Circles.Life becomes the outlet for these break up stories, it also opens a door for a better and healthier relationship.

After setting the art direction and key visual templates, Circles.Life team were able to cascade the the Break Up Season key visual into different break up letters .


Art Direction
Key Visual Development