The Fore

The Fore

Last year we collaborated with Kim Jones to create a brand identity for her designer gallery that would showcase collaborations with talented designers from Southeast Asia. True to its name, The Fore puts the spotlight on each collaborator, highlighting their craft and their different stories
For our studio, the highlight of this project was the custom font we created for the logotype. Ms Jones Bold was inspired by Fat Face fonts like Bodoni, Normandia, and Noe Display. It uses a pronounced contrast between thick and thin lines, it also features strong and graceful serif curves. These attributes were carefully selected to establish elegance and boldness.
Working closely with Kim and her team, and our packaging producer VJ7 Printing, we made sure that every item that carried The Fore’s brandname was carefully and intentionally designed. A personal favourite of ours were the blind embossed business cards that used water resistant paper, that felt like granite to the touch.

Mazu Seafood Restaurant

Mazu Seaside Diner

The Goddess of the Sea

The eponymous Mazu (媽祖) is a water-dwelling goddess who roams the seas to protect sailors, seafarers, and fishermen from harm.
She is also regarded to with many other titles, such as "Princess of Heaven," "Patron of Seafarers," and "Holy Heavenly Mother."
It was customary for Chinese fishing villages to offer a tribute to Mazu after returning from a day at sea with a bountiful catch.
Mazu, the restaurant, pays homage to that by turning freshly caught seafood into delicious, steaming hot dishes.

The Lantern


It's worth noting that in her legend, Mazu would hold up a lantern to act as a beacon that guides sailors and fishermen to shore. Her lantern is a fitting icon to symbolize the return of fishermen to shore; a symbol of a safe arrival home and a generous catch at sea.


Hustle Ground Ventures

Hustle Ground Ventures

We were asked to create an identity system for a venture capitalist group that was young and professional. The system also had to be easily replicated for our clients to use in their collaterals, slides and presentations.
We came up with was a simple logotype applied to a grid system that allows the system to be flexible but distinct however it was laid out.
The logotype was created with a clean typeface adorned by a diamond, which alluded to how the group helps start-up businesses grow - making diamonds from coal.
The clean typeface was chosen for both print and digital applications, allowing the logotype to scale and remain readable even at smaller font sizes.
Hustle Ground Ventures’ colors are bold and straightforward.
A Bright Orange, contrasted with a Dark Blue gives the brand personality while reflecting its values.

Sunny Side Sound

Sunny Side Sound

Sunny Side Sound's founder came up with its name while cooking eggs for breakfast. It was the perfect analogy for him - just like a perfectly done egg, music shouldn't be overcooked or undercooked, it should be done just right.
Inspired by sunny-side up eggs and the circular audio spectrum, the Sunny Side Sound logo can morph according to any project. Even when audio characteristics are translated visually, it only proves that every sound is truly unique.
"The sunset is the most relaxing time of the day. The bright warm of colors of the day slowly melts into the purple night."

Atlas Studios

Atlas Studios

Growing up means that sometimes we grow out of things, and it takes a certain maturity to acknowledge that you've grown out of your own brand. This was what the team formerly known as Shutterpanda realized, so they came to us for a re-brand.
The Shutterpanda brand used to house all of the team's photography services, which they've since placed under several stand-alone brands. They put their photography work for brands and corporations under, while Atlas Studios became the branch that specialized in destination wedding photography.

Atlas Mark

Atlas Studios' logo mark is largely inspired by an armillary sphere. This ancient device puts you where you are in the perspective of the known universe. Atlas Studios does the same by putting their to-be-wed or newly-wed subjects front and center, especially on their special day.

The Color Journey

The photographers of Atlas has always been fascinated with grandeur landscapes and celestial skies. Their monochromic color palette, is accented by vintage colors of old maps, globes, and atlases.

Scientific Type

Futura was created to look clean, legible, and stylish without any overt style or ornamentation. This gives a good contrast to the details of the logo mark. It is only fitting to use this typeface as it was used in the Lunar Plaque. To pair with Futura is Crimson Text. The formality of this serif font balances the overall typography. This kind of type was also used in old scientific documents.

Nautilus Bar

The Nautilus Bar


The task was to come up with a concept for a roofdeck bar. We were asked to put the family’s history and heritage of being a fishing business into consideration when coming up with a name, and look for the bar.

From the Sea to the Sky


Getting inspiration from the book “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” it was decided that the bar would be named after the famous vessel - the Nautilus. Being a rooftop bar however, the submarine was transformed into an steampunk airship.

The Nautilus Monogram


Inspired by seafaring symbols, the Nautilus monogram was created for smaller applications - napkins, ice stamps, and sign-offs.