Fast, healthy and delicious – Berde was created by a group of young professionals to address the need for quick, convenient healthy food in Metro Manila.
We developed a brand identity concept around the way Berde approaches food – fun and colorful to look at, but simple and sincere at its core.
To highlight the brand’s serving style, we created a set of  illustrations based on their offerings and arranged them circularly to recall their signature bows.
The illustration style is minimalist, almost childishly drawn, nothing about Berde is complicated and we wanted to drive that point home.
To give the illustration set more mileage, we made sure their individual elements could be used separately as well.
We put special attention towards designing their menu. It was important for us that customers understood that they could order Berde’s staple bowls, at the same time, we wanted them to feel encouraged to create their own bowls. We read in an article that with Berde’s four bases, five protein sources, six vegetable sides, and twelve toppings, you could probably come up with 17, 550 combinations.
Truth be told, the more we worked on developing Berde’s brand identity, we fell in love with the product more and more. The food really is as delicious as it looks, and as it promises to be.
If you find yourself in the Makati CBD, try and stop by. Be warned, last time we checked, they kind of have a crazy lunchtime crowd.


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Photography : Lunar Studios