Bannister Academy

Bannister Academy is a private non-sectarian, secular and co-educational institution in Quezon City, Philippines that is open to learners from pre-school to senior high school. For their 10th year anniversary, we were tasked to rebrand the school. A decades worth of the experience and learning all culminated in this project. 

Refining Quality Education

Bannister Academy’s focus has always been quality education. Growing their school slowly but surely, the learners are always the priority. 

The Bannister Family

Bannister Academy started small and still chooses to be small. At one classroom per level, teachers are able to carefully focus on their students. This also makes the whole school community very close to each other. Almost everybody knows each other. 
Rebranding a school institution can be tricky. A lot of stakeholders are attached to the brand they themselves are personally building. As part of our development process, we interviewed the three most important representatives of the school – learners, parents, and teachers. With their help and insights, we were able to refine the school’s identity. 


Elements of the original crest were kept as each of these elements have a certain school symbolism.  Keeping in mind the school’s motto, all elements point upward towards Transcendere. 
Knowing that the school logo will be used in various forms and applications. We made a cleaner and more recognizable logo by placing all the elements inside the shield. 

Up Close and
in Focus

Using the key visual elements, the crest angle and lion can be used as a framing devices to highlight something important. They may also be used as a pointer to readjust the focus to a certain message.
 All these can be easily used by just following the rule of thirds in any medium or application.

The Students' Journey

Part of our process was to follow the student’s academic journey. From the admission kits to graduation diplomas, we redesigned all their materials to create a unified look.


Brand Audit
Brand Research
Brand Development & Ideation
Logo & Visual Identity System
Personality & Verbal Identity System
Brand Book & Guidelines
School Documents & Materials
Social Media Templates

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