Atlas Studios

Growing up means that sometimes we grow out of things, and it takes a certain maturity to acknowledge that you’ve grown out of your own brand. This was what the team formerly known as Shutterpanda realized, so they came to us for a re-brand.
The Shutterpanda brand used to house all of the team’s photography services, which they’ve since placed under several stand-alone brands. They put their photography work for brands and corporations under, while Atlas Studios became the branch that specialized in destination wedding photography.

The Atlas Mark

Atlas Studios’ logo mark is largely inspired by an armillary sphere. This ancient device puts you where you are in the perspective of the known universe. Atlas Studios does the same by putting their to-be-wed or newly-wed subjects front and center, especially on their special day.

The Color Journey

The photographers of Atlas have always been fascinated with grandeur landscapes and celestial skies. Their monochromic color palette, is accented by vintage colors of old maps, globes, and atlases.


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